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Across The Board Inspections is proud to offer thermal imaging Saskatoon services . Infrared imaging cameras can be an important tool during a home inspection. Our infrared thermography (IRT) inspection service is also available to homeowners or commercial building owners who may be having trouble finding a problem with roof or basement leaks, energy efficiency issues, as well as a host of other solutions.

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Thermographic inspection is a non-contact technology used to help identify potential building problems with little or no destructive testing.

A thermal imager can detect issues as outlined below:

  • Locate air leakage around windows and doors

  • Verify missing, damaged or incorrectly installed insulation

  • Detect moisture intrusion (moisture damage & energy loss)

  • Extend the life of roofs by locating and fixing leaks & determine heat loss problems (i.e. flat roof applications)

  • Locate underfloor heating pipework & leakage

  • Locate damaged or unsealed components in HVAC systems

  • Locate electrical hot spots (i.e. caused by loosely secured wiring connections or faulty equipment)

  • Locate mechanical system issues (steam traps, radiators, valve integrity, bearing temperatures, pumps & motors


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