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At Across The Board Inspections Saskatoon, our commitment to you is to communicate the current condition of all systems in the home.

System inspections include; plumbing, heating, air conditioning, roofing, exteriors, interiors, insulation, electrical, and structure. We provide same day computer reports with digital images of our recommendations. A picture is worth a thousand words in some cases.

All of our inspections are performed by “Registered Home Inspectors” or “R.H.I.”. This is the highest designation of a Home inspector in Saskatchewan as members of C.A.H.P.I. “The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors”. An R.H.I. member in good standing has passed all exams on home systems, had pier review and has completed at least 250 fee paid inspections without litigation. We must also participate in annual continuing education on home inspection. All of our inspections exceed the standards of practice set out by C.A.H.P.I. We accept nothing less and neither should you.

We use the best practice and the most up to date tools and software including thermal imaging to ensure the best result.

Purchasing a home is a major financial and emotional decision. At Across The Board Property Inspections our Saskatoon Residential Inspection process will provide you with the best quality report and home inspection in the industry.

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Horizon is a computer based reporting system that delivers easy to read reports right to your e-mail.  The report includes full color pictures, diagrams, as well as hyperlinks that give the reader additional information. This is a report that is easy to use and understand.
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” I like Ben’s Honesty first of all…We had him come and do an Energuide check for our home and he did a great job, when he was there he pointed out some issues with the home inspection we had done by an other company…we were very impressed with his knowledge and asked him to do a Home inspection for us. He did an outstanding job and we would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting a Saskatoon Home Inspection  ” Amanda, Saskatoon 

” He did an extremely detailed home inspection report and I felt that he was honest with me from the get go. I just knew that he wouldn’t tell me what he thought I wanted to hear! A Home inspection is an investment and I wanted to know everything that was wrong ( and right ) with the house before I would consider spending so much money.” Kim, Saskatoon 

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